We promote Social Inclusion Through Sport

INSIDE project aims to provide PwID with equal sport opportunities, to support professionals working with PwID in order to use sports as a social tool and to encourage PwID to engage in sport activities.


Inclusive role of sport

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  • Role of sport

    The role of sport for change in society has been stressed at different levels. From a social perspective, sport can be seen as an open and inclusive activity where people can develop personal and social competences;
  • What does sport provides?

    Sport provides an arena for the development of social skills such as cooperation, socialization and intergroup relations;

  • What can sport serve?

    Sport can serve as a safe space for one’s development of personal attributes such as punctuality, time and anxiety management as well as self-confidence;

  • Sport is widely proved...

    Sports have been widely proved as a significant contributor to one’s personal development when referring to vulnerable or at-risk of social exclusion populations;

Specific objectives

Empowering Sport Methodology

Handbook based on a methodology that focuses on the inclusive aspects of sport participation. The methodology aims to foster social empowerment and integration of PwID;

“Easy-to-read” Sport and Games Guide

Guide with “Easy-to-read” method that simplifies writing process into small and important to the reader information, which combined with photographic material, is easily perceived by pwID;

Capacity Building Course

Capacity building course for professionals working with PwID aimed to enhance knowledge and skills required for supporting PwID to access in sport activities;


Web-tool for social empowerment used as a tool for triggering participants’ interest, and a means of communicating, disseminating and exploiting the project’s results.

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EWOS – Spain

EWOS – Spain

During the European Week of sports, a friendly match was organized in the “Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper”, where Barcelona Football Club trains. Participating teams were Barça Genuine Foundation and Nastic

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